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Peerless fare

The bounty of Norman tradition...

In the heart of the lush Orne countryside between Ile de France and Normandy, Auberge du Grand Gousier invites you on a gourmet journey in a delightful setting.Indoors, enjoy the charm of half-timbering or carved stone as you partake in delectable, season-scented fare.Here, natural products from all over Normandy play leading roles under the aegis of Chef Ludovic Juste, who is also an outstanding pastry-maker.After Marie-Laure has come by with her impressive trolley of cheeses, Ludovic puts in an appearance with his stagecoach of desserts... particularly his specialty: Domfront apple or pear macaroons (sold on special order only).
Possibility of family dinners, birthdays, christenings... up to 25 guests.